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How to make a DPS nomination

Updated: Apr 30, 2021


What is the Dependant's Protection Scheme (DPS)?

The DPS is a term insurance plan that provides coverage for death, terminal illness (TI) and total permanent disability (TPD).

The purpose of DPS is to ensure that policy holders have sufficient funds to support their dependants in the event that they pass away, contract a terminal illness or suffer from TPD.

All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents between 21 and 65 years old are automatically included in the DPS upon their first CPF working contribution unless they have chosen to opt out of this scheme. Those who are 16 years old and above can also apply to Great Eastern Life to be covered by DPS.

Why should I make a DPS nomination?

As of 1 April 2021, the sum assured by DPS for death, TI and TPD is $70,000 for members up to 60 years old. For members aged 60-65 years old, the maximum sum assured is $55,000.

DPS claim benefits do not form part of CPF savings and will not be distributed based on your CPF nomination.

If you have made a DPS nomination

If you are covered under the DPS scheme and you have made a DPS nomination, upon your death, the DPS payout will go to the person that you have nominated.

If you have not made a DPS nomination

If no nomination is made, under Section 61 of the Insurance Act, the payout will go to 'proper claimant(s)' instead. A proper claimant can be the executor of the deceased's estate or family member e.g. spouse, parent, child or sibling:

  • If the deceased is married, the insurance company will pay the proceeds to the spouse.

  • If the deceased is widowed or divorced with adult children, the insurance company will pay the proceeds to any of the adult children.

  • If the deceased is single, the insurance company will pay to either parent. If there are no surviving parents, the insurance company will pay to any siblings.

Who can make a DPS nomination?

You can make a DPS nomination if you under the DPS policy and you are above 18 years old.

How do you make a DPS nomination?

Complete the nomination form available on Great Eastern Life's website. To complete the form, you will require:

  • A hardcopy version of the nomination form

  • Your DPS policy number

  • Nominee's particulars i.e. name, NRIC number, address, date of birth

  • Two witnesses that are 21 years old or above and must not be a nominee or the spouse of a nominee

You can make multiple nominees and specify the percentage share each nominee is entitled to.

Mail the completed form to Great Easter Life. You will receive a confirmation from them once your submission has been processed.

Should you wish to amend your nomination thereafter, you can do so by submitting a new nomination.

How much does it cost to make a DPS nomination?

You can make a DPS nomination if you under the DPS policy and you are above 18 years old.

How to claim the DPS death benefit payout?

The proper claimant will need to prepare proof of relationship to the deceased, a copy of his/her NRIC to submit to Great Eastern and produce the certified true copy of the deceased's death certificate (view the full list of documents required by Great Eastern here).

Once the documents are verified, Great Eastern would furnish the payout in the form of a cheque.


Making a DPS nomination ensure that the DPS payout will go to who you intend it to go to and in the specified amounts.


If you had made a DPS nomination under NTUC income before 1 April 2021, you would need to make a new nomination under Great Eastern Life as all DPS policies have been transferred under Great Eastern Life.

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