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How to make a CPF Nomination

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What is the benefit of making a CPF nomination?

When you make a CPF nomination, you ensure that your CPF savings as distributed as per your wishes (to the correct people, in the correct proportions).

Not everyone is aware that the distribution of CPF savings are not covered by a will. If no CPF nominations are made prior to one's death, the funds will be transferred to the Public Trustee's Office and distributed according to the rules in the Intestate Succession Act for non-Muslims or the Administration of Muslim Law Act and Syariah Law for Muslims. A fee will also be charged for the administration and distribution of the un-nominated savings.

How to make a CPF nomination?

Making a CPF nomination is free of charge.

These are the steps to making a CPF nomination:

  1. Ensure that you are a CPF member, ≥ 16 years old, and have decision-making capacity

  2. Choose your nominees

    1. Decide the proportion each person should receive

    2. Decide if you would like your nominees to receive the money in cash or have if transferred to their CPF account

    3. Obtain their full name (as per their IC), NRIC number, email/phone number

  3. Choose two witnesses (different from nominees)

    1. Obtain their permission

    2. Obtain their full name (as per their IC), NRIC number and email/mobile number

  4. Log in to your CPF account to make the nomination

  5. Witnesses will be informed to do an online acknowledgement your nomination within a week

Once they have made the acknowledgement, you are done!

Others points to take note of

Be prepared that upon death, the process of transferring CPF funds can still take weeks to a few months (but having nominations in place really saves time and money in ensuring the funds go to the intended people)

Upon marriage, CPF nomination will be automatically revoked (so you are advised to re-do the nominations).

Dependant's Protection Scheme (DPS) claim benefits do not form part of CPF savings and will not be distributed based on your CPF nomination. Hence, you are also advised to make a DPS nomination if you are covered by the DPS policy.


Making a CPF nomination ensure that your CPF savings will go to who you intend it to go to and in the specified amounts. It is simple to make and only requires 5 minutes if you have all the particulars on hand.

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