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The Dead Line - a virtual death cafe

Join the channel at this link:

Coffee: Mad Roaster

Latte art: Davniel

Concept of a Death Cafe

The idea of "Death Cafe" was started by Jon Underwood and Sue Barksy Reid, based on the ideas of Bernard Crettaz (read more about it here). The initiative was meant bring Singaporeans from different walks of life together to broach the taboo topic of death and dying.

With the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is extremely challenging to organise any kind of physical event that is safe for participants to attend.

"Dead Line" is actually more of a lifeline - a means to allow people to rid of the uncomfortable feeling that arises from not being able to discuss a topic that is close to their hearts.

In the past few months, I have met people who had death-related experiences that they could not openly talk about and could not find a community that they felt at home with.

The Dead Line is meant to be a platform that is available 24/7 for strangers to discuss topics related to death and dying. It can serve as a place for people to

  • Share their experiences with grief and/or death

  • Share movies, books, music and art that impacted them

  • Build a community that can provide support for one another

Fun facts:

  • The coffee in the photo above comes from Mad Roaster, a coffee and toast social enterprise that supports refugees.

  • The latte art is by my friend and artist Davniel

  • The cups are made by my late mum and I with the guidance of Alvin from Urth & Phire, a place which brought us a lot of fun and joy when my mum was undergoing chemotherapy

How to get involved

Step 1:

Download the chat app Discord and create an account.

Step 2:

Click this link to join the channel or type the link into the box that appears when you click "Join a friend on Discord".

Step 3:

Start talking on one of the channels!

See you there!

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